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We work closely with the Fleet and Family Support Center.

For further information on their services visit:

Armed Services YMCA of Hampton Roads

USO of Hampton Roads

American Red Cross

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society


Lincoln Military Housing



The mission of Marine Corps Family Team Building is to foster personal growth and enhance the readiness of Marine Corps families , enabling them to understand and successfully meet the challenges of the Marine Corps lifestyle. The intent is to build a strong bond between the service member, their family and the Marine Corps. All MCFTB programs are free.

Our office is located in Building CA5 on Fechteler Road across the street from the Marine Corps Exchange and in the same parking lot as Muscle Maker Grill.

MCFTB includes the following programs.  For more information or to register for classes please call MCFTB at 757-445-6875.


2nd Quarter Training


Registration required: email MCFTB at

Questions? Call 757 - 445 - 6875

Family Readiness Command Team Advisor/Assistant Training (FRCTA)
January 13, 1300 - 1600 - virtual class

February 26, 0900 - 1200 - in person class
This class is designed to orient and guide Family Readiness Command Team Advisors (FRCTA) and Family Readiness Assistants (FRA) in their roles and responsibilities within the Unit, Personal & Family Readiness Program (UPFRP). Advisor/Assistant Training is required for appointed volunteers at USMC commands.
  Pre-Deployment Workshop for Spouses and Extended Family Members
January 26
0900 - 1000 - virtual class

This workshop offers participants suggestions for personal and family preparation which includes: important documents to have on hand, emergency communication, money management, operations security, ways to access assistance, and information and referral resource
Personally Identifiable Information/Operations Security (PII/OPSEC) Training
January 26, 1300-1400 - virtual class

February 26, 1200-1300 - in person class
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Operations Security (OPSEC) Training is designed to educate volunteers and other family members on their responsibilities to protect PII and OPSEC within and outside of their unit. Required annually for appointed volunteers at USMC commands.
  Four Lenses for Couples
February 5
0900 - 1200 - in person class

This interactive workshop provides an in-depth look at personality tendencies, how they impact our daily lives and relationships.
Events and Etiquette
Building Your Network
February 8
1800 - 2000 - virtual class
  Real Relationships
February 10
1700 - 1900 - in person class

This interactive workshop shows participants how to identify the hallmarks of meaningful relationships and how to build skills to make them stronger.
Your Marine is Coming Home!
February 14
1100 - 1200 - virtual class

A workshop for spouses of Marines returning from deployment within 45 days. Topics include planning for homecoming, renegotiating roles, restoring intimacy, and homecoming with children.
  Halfway Home - Mid-Deployment Success
February 14
1500 - 1600 - virtual class

This workshop is designed to promote deployment success through self-care for the spouse or significant other at home during deployment. It includes information about stress management, staying connected, dealing with emotional ups and downs, and resources available
Pay and Entitlements
Deployment 101
February 24
1800 - 2000 - virtual class
  Safe and Sound All Around
Investing in Your Community
March 10
1800 - 2000 - virtual class
The Places You’ll Go
March 24
1800 - 1900 - virtual class


Marine Corps Community Services - Camp Elmore
1251 Yalu Street, Norfolk, Virginia  23515-4693