Single Marine Program
MCCS Camp Allen

Marine Corps Community Services
Camp Allen
1251 Yalu Street
Norfolk, Virginia  23515-4693
Telephone Numbers


2018 Field Meet Photos

2018 Ooh Rah Day Photos


Want to get away to the beach or have family visiting? Check this out:
67th Street Townhouses

FY20 HQMC Duty Assignment Volunteer Period


Upcoming Events:

- 11 Aug... Spartyka "Fight for the Tatas" at the (Ted Constant Center, Norfolk VA) - $10.00

- 17 - 19 Aug... Beautify Jacox Elementary School, Norfolk, VA (Volunteers Needed)

- 18 Aug... Rudee Tours Fishing Trip (Virginia Beach, VA) $30.00

- 18 Aug... Spartyka "Fallen Heroes 5K" (Sportsplex, Virginia Beach, VA)

July SMP Council Meeting Minutes

2018 CREDO Schedule

SMP MCO 1700.36A

SMP Hampton Roads Coordinator:
Colin Moore

Office: 757-445-5104
Fax: 757-444-6198
Cell: 757-749-7897

SMP Office Hours:
0800 - 1630
Monday - Friday

Located at the MAC Center MCA600C





Please share with your commands and provide spreadsheets with attendees soonest.
Don't wait...first come, first served 50 max and we have our own boat!!


CNATTU SMP Orientation Class July 2019.

Single Marine Program of Hampton Roads


Next SMP council meeting:
9 August 2018
1130 - 1230
MAC Center aboard Camp Allen
Bldg MCA 600C

For more information contact your SMP Council Officer or SMP Hampton Roads Coordinator.

Admission price increases after August 6th


SMP event - Deep Sea Fishing at Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach


For more information contact your SMP Council Officer or SMP Hampton Roads Coordinator if your command would like to make this a SMP event.